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Laser diodes revolutionized optical sensing and material fabrication


Laser diodes revolutionized optical sensing and material fabrication

According to the introduction of meams consulting, Laser Diodes (LD) is a Laser generator, its working material is semiconductor, is a solid-state Laser, most of the Laser Diodes in the structure is similar to the general diode. Since the laser diode only involves two energy levels in the energy conversion process, there is no energy loss caused by the indirect band gap, so the efficiency is relatively high. In addition to being efficient, laser diodes have the advantage of being small and long-lasting, with mass-produced products costing less than $1 each.

At present, laser diode types mainly include single heterojunction (SH), double heterojunction (DH) and quantum well (QW), and the products on the market can provide a variety of wavelengths from ultraviolet light to long-wave infrared light: the central wavelength is determined by the device structure and semiconductor materials. The following figure shows the main applications of laser diodes.

Main applications of laser diodes

A single laser transmitter can provide a range of power output from milliwatts to a few watts. Each laser emitter can be used alone or combined into a laser diode strip for solid state laser optical pumping or integrated into the laser diode module to meet various application requirements. The figure below shows a typical example of laser diode technology in the field of 3D sensing and imaging. The widespread adoption of laser diode technology will revolutionize the consumer electronics and automobile industries.

Over the past three decades, the average power of laser diodes has grown exponentially, while the average price has fallen exponentially. Semiconductor laser technology has produced incredible advances in the development of sub-kilowatt direct diode lasers (DDL) and multi-kilowatt high-power direct diode lasers (HPDDL). The significant improvements in beam quality have made DDL an important tool for metalworking. DDL and HPDDL are becoming major trends in the field of industrial manufacturing worldwide. Recent innovations have focused on developing blue-ray diode lasers for copper welding and 3D printing.

Laser diode and direct diode laser market analysis

The chart below shows IDTechEx's market forecast that the global market for laser diodes and direct diode lasers will reach $13.985 billion by 2029, including $11.952 billion for laser diodes and $2.033 billion for direct diode lasers.

Laser diode market forecast for 2018~2029

Market forecast of direct diode laser from 2018 to 2029

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